Blog post by Sophie Nicholson

Introduction To Ski Touring Videos From Glenmore Lodge

These pointers from Glenmore Lodge – Scotland’s National Outdoor Training Centre – should help get you started with some of the basics and unravel a few potential mysteries ahead of your next touring trip. Moving safely and efficiently in the mountains requires knowledge and practice – it’s homework time!

1. Choosing a Ski for Ski Touring

2. Choosing a Binding For Ski Touring

3. Putting Skins On

4. Taking Your Skins Off

5. Kick Turns

6. Downhill Kick Turn

7. Downhill Skiing With Skins On Snow Plough Style

8. Downhill Skiing With Skins On

If you’re looking to try ski touring for the first time this winter or seeking inspiration for your next backcountry adventure then give us a call to discuss the options. We offer a host of well thought-out trips to interesting and different destinations for all levels of backcountry enthusiasts.