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Trip of a Lifetime

Planning and putting your trip of a lifetime in the diary as soon as you can is a must.  Filling your life with adventure means you have stories to tell, and the special moments and memories  you collect on your trip will last you forever.

Exactly what a trip of a lifetime looks like is different for everyone; it depends in great part on the ‘why’ behind the dream. It could be that it is your one chance to do all the things you want to do on one trip.  It could be that you have hankered to visit a particular destination for a long time and that you’ll probably never be able to go again. Or it could even be that it is a trip which will change your life beyond the actual journey.  Or it could be a mix of all of these things.

The ‘why’ doesn’t really matter.  Life is short and time seems to go faster each year – don’t let your experience of a lifetime languish on your ‘to-do’ list so that it is never actually realised.   Take that first step and speak to us about what you want to do – together we can build your itinerary to meet your dreams.

You’ll be packing your bags and on your way before you know it.  Its that easy!

Summit & Blue offer a wonderful service, we’ve just had the most amazing Christmas holiday in the Dolomites booked through Summit & Blue, everything is taken care of. I can’t recommend them highly enough!!

Claire R, December 2016