Blog post by Sophie Nicholson

Ski The Arctic – Where Those In The Know Go For Snow

It is this kind of magical winter experience that makes the Arctic region a magnet for an increasing number of backcountry skiers from all over the world.

When winter begins to wind down in the Alps and North America, those in the know begin their annual pilgrimage to the pristine Arctic wilderness of Greenland, Iceland and Scandinavia where the ski season begins in March and lasts right through until June.

What draws them here is more than simply about a desire to keep skiing. It’s about the whole experience – the nature, the landscape, the northern lights, the culture, and the people. It’s the opportunity to do what you love most in the most spectacular of environments. And it’s about moving quietly through the landscape under your own power and earning your turns.

There really is something for every type of backcountry skier in this part of the world so if you like the idea of making this winter count and heading to the Arctic for a downhill or ski touring adventure, then let’s make it happen.

Here are 5 destinations that should get you thinking….

1. For A Luxury Arctic Experience – Lyngen Alps

If you think ski touring is all about crowded, cramped and smelly huts then think again. Lyngen Lodge in Northern Norway is a luxury concept lodge that sleeps 16 guests in 8 bedrooms. With en suite bathroom facilities, a fully licensed bar, sauna, outdoor hot tub and world class cuisine, Lyngen Lodge provides the perfect base to relax and recharge after a day’s summit to sea skiing.

2. For The Adventurous Skier – Greenland

With thousands of kilometers of alpine peaks, spectacular glaciers, huge fjords and almost unlimited potential for new ski lines, Greenland is the ultimate destination for a wild, remote and beautiful ski adventure. Whilst the terrain is spectacular here, it does comes with serious challenges like polar bears, complicated weather patterns and thin sea ice but if you are ready for a unique ski journey then the wilderness of Greenland awaits. Get in touch with us to find out more.

3. For Boat Based Adventures – Sunnmore Alps & Hjorundfjord

Base yourself aboard the HMS Gassten in the Norwegian fjords where access to the best ski touring conditions is just a short boat ride away. This wooden navy vessel has been beautifully restored to serve as the ultimate base camp for ski touring adventures in the remote Sunnmore Alps and Hjorundjford. With excellent accommodation on board and a dedicated chef preparing quality, delicious and nutritious meals daily, life on board the HMS Gassten is as magnificent as the surrounding mountains.

4. For The Solitude Seeker – Finnmark

Shhhhh….we’re about to share with you the best kept secret in summit to sea skiing destinations – a remote region of Arctic Norway called Finnmark. ‘Where’s that?’ we hear you cry. Exactly. Very few people know which means that even less go. The result – miles upon miles of spectacular mountains, endless summit to sea skiing potential and not a soul around. Finnmark fills the soul with inherently pure and good stuff – go now before the rest catch on.

5. For Myths and Legends – Troll Peninsula, Iceland

Legend has it that the last troll in Iceland was slain in a cave deep inside the rugged mountains of the Troll Peninsula. The troll slaying opportunities may be over but the pow-slaying has just begun! We have ski toured in this remote and beautiful area in the north of Iceland and can confirm that the terrain and potential here is world-class. This is a legendary place for a whole host of reasons, be part of the story and explore the Troll Peninsula on ski this winter.

If any of these Arctic ski journeys have got you thinking, then give us a call and let’s turn theory into reality. Adventure awaits.