Blog post by Richard Edwards

Our Favourite Bakery in Samoëns

So bearing this in mind, we would like to recommend to all our guests who spend any time at all in Samoëns to make sure that they put aside some of that time to pop in to one of our favourite gems in the village: Tiffanie Bakery.

With its rather eccentric and quirky exterior – they have bread baskets protruding from the façade – it’s a bakery and patisserie that is hard to miss. But if for some reason you don’t spot the outside decoration then just follow your nose as the aroma from their ovens will work better than even the latest in GPS technology!

Everyone here at Summit & Blue will start to salivate when you mention Tiffanie’s warm croissants and pain au chocolats. However, they have a wide range of local and more international sweet and savoury pastries to try too. From éclairs to the Portuguese ‘Pastels de Natal’ (better known to us Brits as a custard tartlet), the major challenge will be trying out as many delicacies as you can without compromising your waistline.

If you need an excuse to indulge in the form of a health benefit then you can try out their gluten-free bread that they’ve just pioneered, using chestnut flour for a very unique taste.

So if you are skiing in France and if you are staying with us in Samoëns then we can guarantee that after you’ve had a full day of ski touring you will certainly deserve a carbo treat. So make sure you have a pastry for us!