Multi Activity Beach Holiday at Hotel Feelviana

If you are looking for a destination, within easy reach of the UK, and with enough activities to satisfy everyone in your group then there’s no better choice than a summer holiday at the Hotel Feelviana.

Located just outside the Viana do Castelo, the ‘Jewel of the Costa Verde’, the Hotel Feelviana was designed and built by a former professional windsurfer. The location was carefully selected in order to offer a full range of environments for watersports enthusiasts of all abilities and activity seekers regardless of the weather. So if the wind is a little strong to enjoy stand up paddle boarding all you do is move location onto quieter water on the Rio Lima estuary. There is a full range of instruction available from private and group for all the watersports, all ages and abilities.

For the non watersports enthusiasts the hotel has a full range of other activities available. Yoga, Pilates and stretching are all on offer both in a dedicated room but also outside. There are over 400km of trails suitable for mountain biking, trail running and hiking. E-bikes, mountain bikes and kid’s bikes are also available on site for the whole family.

The region is also famous for Vinho Verde so it’s possible to arrange a visit to a local vineyard and to Viana do Castelo with its 19th century boulevards and narrow lanes crowded with Manueline manors and rococo palaces.

At a glance

  • Just a short flight from the UK to Porto and just a 45 minute transfer
  • Multi activity watersports destination offering kite surfing, windsurfing, paddleboarding, surfing
  • 46 rooms and 9 bungalows suitable for families of 2 adults and 2 children
  • Dedicated cycling centre with full range of road and mountain bikes for all ages
  • Yoga, Pilates and stretching available indoor and outdoor



  • Approximately 400km of hiking and running trails
  • Perfect opportunity to combine a trip down the River Duoro and its infamous wineries
  • A hidden gem on Portugal’s western coast
  • Best time to travel April to September
  • Prices from £1195 per person including flights, transfers and 7 nights accommodation in a standard room on bed and breakfast




Sample Itinerary

Day 1 - Kitesurfing


With the main focus on watersports the Hotel Feelviana offers a heaven for the enthusiast whether you are a complete beginner or expert. Will numerous other activities available you are spoilt for choice.

This is the place to go kitesurfing! With equipment provided by Cabrinha you can either take to the sea under your own steam or sign up to a full range of lessons aimed at beginners and experts alike. Kites range from 6m to 12m and as for the boards there are plenty from freestyle to hydrofoil!







Day 2 - Windsurfing


This is also the place to go windsurfing too! Equipment is available for lessons and for hire with boards by JP and sails by Neil Pryde. Board sizes range from 85 to 195 and sails from 4m to 7m.

Day 3 - Surfing and Sailing

Surfing and Sailing

The Cabedelo Beach is great for surf and again the hotel has a fantastic range of boards from ‘foamies’ for the absolute beginner to 6’10. The hotel owns a Seascape 18, originally designed as a single handed boat but now reinvented to offer a relaxed and easy to handle day boat. For children there is the possibility to sail Optimists and for the more experienced of you (ticket required) you can take the Seascape out on your own.

Day 4 - Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)

Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)

The boards are provide by JP and range from inflatables to hard boards of differing lengths. The environment is perfect at Feelviana for stand up paddle boarding. If the Atlantic swell is too large then you can head to the calmer waters of the Lima river. Lessons and tours available.

Day 5 - Road Cycling and Mountain Biking

Road Cycling and Mountain Biking

The team at Viana Cycles are always on hand to help with not only selecting the right bike but also offering useful information about which tracks and trails to try. They will even organise small groups for you to join if you would like some company. They are equipped with trailers for small children, GPS Garmins so you won’t get lost and Garmin Virbs so you can film the whole experience. For those wishing to take their own bikes the sports centre has a fully equipped workshop where you can leave your bike for a service or a repair.

Day 6 - Trail Running and Hiking

Trail Running and Hiking

With over 320km of well marked trails to choose from you can walk passed pre-Roman salt pans, through the 19th century streets of Viana do Castelo or even sections of routes heading to the Spanish city of Santiago.

There are also a number of local trails available for trail running ranging in distance from 5km, 10km and 20km, plenty of options to help keep on track with your personal training. That’s not to mention a run along the beach first thing before the world has woken up!

Day 7 - Yoga, Pilates and Stretching

Yoga, Pilates and Stretching

With limited numbers in each group aimed at ensuring the session works for you in the best possible way you have the option of both indoor and outdoor sessions depending on the season and weather. You will even find Yoga for families available and if you feel really confident then between June and September the hotel runs Yoga on stand up paddle boards under the watchful eye of an instructor.


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