Blog post by Richard Edwards

Head to Portugal on a Surfing Holiday

The combination of the Atlantic Ocean aspect and the amazing weather have made Portugal a favourite hangout for surfers since the 1960s, and it’s why our Summit and Blue surfing activity holidays are so popular, too. There are some amazing surfing breaks around the Western Algarve and Peniche, for example, along with a whole host of other places as well.


Around the Sagres region of the Western Algarve, the coast is unspoilt and gorgeous. It’s a pretty amazing place for a family holiday because, even aside from the surfing opportunities, there are plenty of other land and water based activities to be had. You can hang around and do some stand up paddle boarding or kayaking for a couple of days and then head up to St Vincent and hit the surf! If anyone in the family hasn’t tried surfing before, there’s a great surf school and they’ll make sure you’re fully confident before letting you loose on any Atlantic rollers!


We love our Summit and Blue surfing itineraries based around Peniche, too – it’s a truly picturesque part of the world, with some of the best surfing on the coast. It’s got a really great vibe about it and you can see why it’s so popular – Surfer’s Lodge, where we stay, is about as cool a hotel as you’ll ever find. With décor lifted straight out the 1960s surfing scene, you’ll definitely feel the part!

Pay Your Respects at Praia do Norte – Nazaré

Portugal’s most popular spot with white-knuckle surfers is Nazare – it’s here that Garrett McNamara surfed the world’s biggest wave, just a couple of years ago in 2013. It’s become even more famous since then and, even if you’re not quite up to the standard of Garrett, it’s an amazing place to come and watch the would-be heroes pitting themselves against the giant waves at Praia do Norte.

Maybe that could be you next year! Take a look at our fantastic suggestions or come up with your own ideas and we’ll make them happen.