Blog post by Richard Edwards

Great Options for Adventure Holidays in Canada

Captivating Canada

Canada is a spectacular country to visit, not least because it affords the opportunities to get out and experience some amazing activities! How does white water rafting, whale watching, bear watching, ice climbing, ski touring, mountain biking or alpine skiing sound to you?

Wonderful Wildlife

Vancouver Island, in stunning British Columbia, on Canada’s west coast, has a wild, untouched landscape that’s seen it voted into the ‘Top 10 Islands in the World’.

With an amazingly diverse eco-system, this region is home to the incredible Orca and Killer whales. Whale watching here is a truly life-enhancing opportunity, and you can also see Minke, Grey and Humpback whales. You can head up to Nimmo Bay Lodge for an incredible bear watching experience in one of the most picturesque regions of the country.

Getting Active in Canada

As well as the fabulous wildlife, the west coast of Canada is an exceptional place to get active, with things like stand up paddle boarding, mountain biking and sea kayaking in summer, and ski touring in winter. We at Summit & Blue can open up a whole world of fun on our huge range of activity holidays – have a look on the site to get inspired, but if you can come up with anything else you’ve always dreamed of doing, just let us know and we can make it happen.

One activity Canada is particularly renowned for is white water rafting – and for good reason. This is more fun than we can possibly describe, and truly an experience you’ll never forget. To call it exhilarating is totally underselling it! Our qualified Summit and Blue local river guides will take you on the ride of your life (which, incidentally, only 300 people have experienced over the past 20 years) down the River Stein, in British Columbia. Times of total tranquillity as you drift down the river are offset by the euphoria of facing up to the white water and coming up trumps. It’s an unbeatable feeling – and this is possibly the best place in the world to experience that particular thrill.

Skiing – Of Course!

Well, it’s Canada, after all, so of course the skiing is amazing wherever you go, be it Banff, Whistler, or even on Vancouver Island where there’s year-round snow on Blackcomb Mountain.