Blog post by Richard Edwards

Go Husky Sledding on a Winter Adventure

Thrills Without Spills

Even if you don’t want to build the entire itinerary of your family activity holidays around husky sledding, there are plenty of opportunities to try it out on one of our winter adventures (have a look at the itineraries to Canada, Les Gets and the Dolomites on our site). Although I have to warn you, once your kids have experienced skimming across the snow at a rate of knots behind a team of baying huskies you might be hard pressed to get them to want to do anything else!

Husky Heroes

The dogs are absolute troopers and you can tell they really love what they’re doing. Even if you’re not necessarily a mad animal lover, you can’t help but be touched by the beautiful nature of the huskies – they’re friendly, inquisitive and beautiful to look at, with their double thick fluffy coats. The huskies’ stamina is legendary and sled rides can be anything from a ‘short’ two-hour experience to one that lasts all day. Husky sledding is available in most of our winter destinations and we’ve had guests who loved it so much they’ve gone on to make it the core activity for their family activity holidays.

If you think your kids (and you) might like to try this thrill of a lifetime, we can build it into a holiday for you and combine it with some other activities like Alpine skiing, snowshoeing and even ski touring. There’ll be no complaints from the kids, we guarantee it!