Blog post by Richard Edwards

Get Into Snowshoeing

If you’re planning your next winter family activity holidays, let us share just one idea that might get you thinking about winter in all the right ways!

The Freedom of Snowshoeing

This is definitely one of the most popular activities guests ask for on our family activity holidays – probably because it really doesn’t take any preparation or special skills. If you can walk, you can snowshoe! And that means even the youngest (and oldest) members of the family can get involved. Snowshoeing is not a new thing – in fact it’s been around for thousands of years. The old days of strapping (what looked like) a pair of tennis racquets to your boots are gone – although the premise is still pretty similar – and the new aluminium frame snowshoes and bindings are light and comfortable. The freedom and exhilaration of snowshoeing is awesome; strap on a pair of snowshoes and head out into the great white wilderness of the Dolomites, Les Gets, Wyoming, Canada or Scandinavia and tell us it’s not the most fun you ever had on two… tennis racquets!

On a recent trip to Norway we donned the snow shoes and went on a Northern Lights hunt. As a futher to two boys I know that the whole experience of walking in snow, with head torches lighting your way in search of the Northern Lights (and snacks cooked on an open fire) would just about give the botys a sensory overload. Once you stand beneath the Northern Lights watching them dance across the skies above you with greens, pinks, oranges and blues you will be absolutely hooked.

Snow shoeing also offers families with non skiers the perfect sport so whole families, grandparents included, can enjoy a winter holiday in the mountains together. For bespoke holidays including snow shoeing please contact us and we would be delighted to suggest a range of itineraries suitable for your requirements.