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Family Adventure to the Dolomites

Imagine a family adventure to the Dolomites where each day brings a new experience, a shared memory, laughter and valuable time together! Try via ferrata, mountain biking, e-biking, hiking and just chilling out in the mountains eating amazing food in friendly mountain rifugios. Sometimes the simplest of adventures can be the most memorable.

This is a tried and tested holiday as experienced by our own team. The sense of achievement is incredible and you will experience breathtaking scenery and new activities that you may have only previsously seen splashed across social media or a sports channel. At the end of each day you can come together, share your own unique stories and experiences whilst enjoying some delicious South Tyrolean cuisine served with a warm smile.

This holiday suits the entire family, from grandparents to grand children. Each experience can be carefully crafted to each persons exact requirements allowing you all to share the same activities at the same time. For example, e-bikes powered by a small electric motor, make it easy for those less inclined to use pedal power to climb a mountain path, keep up with the more enthusiastic and younger members of the group!

At a Glance

  • Enjoy the breathtaking scenery that is the Dolomites, one of the World’s most remarkable UNESCO World Heritage sites
  • Sample genuine hospitality and a culture that is unique, a wonderful combination of Tyrolean stoicism and Mediterranean joix de vivre
  • Experience the genuine hospitality from family run hotels
  • Allow yourself to be absorbed into local festivals in each of the small mountain villages
  • Try via ferrata or ‘iron roads’ as they where originally called, and find views that few have seen before
  • Jump on a mountain bike, take a chairlift to the top of the mountain and free wheel back down
  • Calmly amble from mountain hut to mountain hut and sample their signature dishes
  • Combine active days in the Dolomites with a cultural break in Venice or on Lake Garda




Day 1 - Fly into Venice

Fly into Venice

Arrive into Venice and collect your hire car before heading to the breathtaking scenery of the Dolomites.

Day 2 - Wake up to breathtaking scenery

Wake up to breathtaking scenery

Start the day with an sumptuous buffet breakfast at the Hotel Ciasa Salares before heading out for a day f activities tat might include via ferrata, mountain or road biking, hiking or just chilling at a mountain refuge.

Day 3 - Try the local cuisine

Try the local cuisine

Most hotels and mountain refuges in the Dolomites are family run and as a result great emphasis is placed on good quality food. The cuisine in the mountains is a rich blend of Mediterranean and Tyrolean which makes it unique. In the summer each hut specialises in one dish. Try a starter at one and dessert at another.

Day 4 - Today you decide!

Today you decide!

With so an amazing playground, the Dolomites offers a perfect playground to try a number of new activities. For each activity Summit & Blue can find a qualified and friendly guide to ensure you absolute safety but also so you can concentrate on enjoying the environment and learning new skills. If you have a head for heights and love the idea of reaching places that few hikers have been then via ferrata. Although this is not full blown climbing, via ferrata still uses fixed points, ropes and harnesses to help you scale the peaks. It is suitable for all ages and older children can find it out of this world.

Day 5 - Time to Head Home

Time to Head Home

Each of our itineraries can be tailor-made to suit your specific needs and is merely provided as a guide to illustrate the type of holidays that Summit & Blue can create. Please call us to chat through ideas and we would be delighted to draw up a personalised itinerary for you.


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