Blog post by Richard Edwards

Explore the Lyngen Peninsula in Norway

Lyngen Peninsula

One could never tire of the impressive landscape of the Lyngen Peninsula. Glaciers, waterfalls, ragged 1,000ft mountain peaks and its centrepiece, the beautiful 82 km long Lyngen Fjord. It’s to this stunning, pristine area we’ve created some amazing activity holidays to suit our guests’ desires.

A Diverse Destination

The summer months – from May to September – are ideal for a host of activities like hiking, wildlife watching and kayaking. But even in the warmest months of June, July and August, when temperatures are, on average, around 10-15 ºC, the nights can still be pretty chilly – you’re 500 miles within the Arctic Circle after all.

Meet the Wildlife

The range of wildlife you’ll see here is incredible, with some species unique to the area. In between hiking up glaciers, skiing and fishing, you’ll have the opportunity to have a close(ish) encounter with lynx, elks, wolverines, reindeer and moose hanging out around the picturesque spruce forests. There are also countless species of migratory birds that come here for their summer sojourn before heading south for the winter.

Water Sports and Whales on Lyngen Fjord

Pristine and picturesque – these adjectives don’t even do Lyngen Fjord justice but they’ll have to do! It’s just such a perfect landscape – crisp, clear and virtually untouched. It’s an incredible experience to head out on to the fjord and tour the area in a small boat, or get out under your own steam in a kayak or catamaran – you may even get a welcoming party of dolphins!

Lyngen Fjord is also famous for its spectacular whale watching opportunities, although they do not come here every year (for reasons unknown). However, if you are graced with the presence of an Orca, Minky or Humpback whale, it’s not something you’ll forget in a hurry.

Our activity holidays to Norway run throughout both the winter and summer months, and this is one part of the world you definitely want to put at the top of your bucket list.