Blog post by Richard Edwards

Charming Footage of a Century of Skiing in Samoëns

A Snapshot in Time

This journey of discovery led us to stumble across this strange, but charming YouTube video that the Tourist Office produced a few years ago when Samoëns celebrated its centenary as a ski resort.

100 Ans de Ski à Samoëns

Although the soundtrack had to be removed by the publishers, the compilation of vintage photos and video footage of skiing in Samoëns over the last 100 years is worth a watch. It’s a fabulous journey through time in ski fashions and it gives the viewer a unique snapshot of a community that is proud of its prowess as a great ski destination.

A Potted History of Samoëns Skiing

People have been skiing in and around Samoëns since the early 20th century and there are records of intrepid adventurers tackling the summits of the Saix. In 1910 Samoëns became an official ski destination when it held the first Veloskimontane competition. In 1969 it was awarded the title of Station Nationale for winter sports. The Grand Massif Express, which was completed in 2003, was the icing on the cake, making Samoëns a superb location for a fabulous skiing holiday.

Father Christmas on Skis

Peppered throughout the footage are Santas on skis, charging through the snow against the backdrop of the stunning Grand Massif peaks. We have all been debating in the office about what the story is behind this!

The answer is probably in the book by Alain Lachaud that was published in 2010: 1910-2010 – 100 Ans de Ski à Samoëns. Alain has been holidaying in Samoëns since 1959, and in 1970 his family even bought their own chalet in Coudray.

Of course if you have any ideas or if you yourself have spotted one of these skiing St Nicks then get in touch and tell us what you know.