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Triumph motorbike rider on the edge of the Western Front

The Story Behind Summit & Blue : Interview With MD Richard Edwards

Summit & Blue was born out of a desire to explore and go on an adventure. Four years ago, our MD Richard Edwards made the bold decision to go it alone and set up an adventure travel business in an extremely competitive market. We sat down with Richard to find out a bit more about the origins and goals of the company, […]

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Travel Hacks – Tips & Tricks for Smart Packing

Enjoy going on holiday but hate trying to squeeze all your gear into your case? Take the stress out of summer holiday packing with these awesome travel hacks by someone who clearly has a lot more time on their hands than the rest of us! Our top tip – pack once and then pack a second […]

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Beyond The Ski Resort – Experience Winter Away From The Pistes

This just in! There’s so much more to winter than going up and down the slopes of a ski resort. Beyond the pistes lies a whole new world of fully immersive, frost-laden, life-affirming activities that are guaranteed to knock your icicles right off. Here at S&B, we’re big believers in the ‘whole’ experience. If you […]

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Summer Hidden Gems

We believe there’s no better way to spend your summer holiday than by exploring inspirational landscapes by bike, foot or water, experiencing new activities with people that make you smile, and watching the sun go down at the end of the day really feeling that you’ve earned your glass of something cold. The following handpicked […]

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Destination Inspiration : Glorious Oregon In 4K Timelapse

  It’s really hard to do the beauty of Oregon justice but sometimes pictures speak louder than words. Take 8 minutes out of your day, sit back and marvel at the wonder of this utterly stunning place then check out our Oregon itinerary – we can get you there asap.  

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Ten Of The Best – Our Favourite Things To Do In Oregon

This is the list that combines the must-see Oregon highlights with our own personal favourites experienced on the numerous trips we’ve taken to the area in recent years.

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Finding adventure across the world to share with those who seek the thrill of a holiday like no other. For me there is always a new destination to explore or a new adventure to have in a familiar place. Join me as I introduce you to new challenges in new places, give you advice on enjoying your adventure holidays, keep you up to date with special offers and competitions and share my favourite adventure pictures and videos from across the Internet.

Richard Edwards, Managing Director of Summit and Blue