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Why Oregon? First Impressions

Since recently returning from Oregon, a complete convert to what is now one of my favourite US states, I was intrigued how many others have Oregon on their list of places to visit. Why should that be a surprise, it has everything from skiing on Mount Hound to surfing at Canon Beach. People’s interest in […]

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Norwegian Cruise Experience

Our first trip to Norway has been hugely positive experience; we found the Norwegians hospitable, friendly, endlessly helpful and hugely efficient and organised. But it was their unique individualism which we found so refreshing. Our memories will be of wonderful healthy food, walls of colourful knitting wool in small boutique shops, small children who happily […]

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Two travelers reading on a bench overlooking icebergs in the Ilulissat ice fjord in Greenland

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to go and see the Northern lights? The Northern Light’s season can vary depending on the destination. In Scandinavia the season general runs from mid November through to the end of March. However this year Finland has had some remarkable shows in October which you can see photographs of on […]

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Family sitting on surf boards in the sea at Surfers Lodge Peniche in Portugal

Surfing in Portugal

The coastline of Center of Portugal region is 279 km long and is filled with paradise surfing spots. During Summer time, smaller boards are appropriate for surfing waves, sometimes smaller and softer. During winter days, bigger boards are an essential condition for surfing more powerful waves or even guns for surfing giant waves. Top […]

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Enduro Adventure in Iceland

The opportunity to join an enduro riding group in southern Iceland was always going to challenge sitting at my desk. So, one Thursday I climbed aboard an Icelandair flight from Heathrow and set forth on the 2 ½ hour fight to Iceland’s international airport, Keflavik. Located some 50km north of Keflavik, Iceland’s capital city is […]

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Charming Footage of a Century of Skiing in Samoëns

A Snapshot in Time This journey of discovery led us to stumble across this strange, but charming YouTube video that the Tourist Office produced a few years ago when Samoëns celebrated its centenary as a ski resort. 100 Ans de Ski à Samoëns Although the soundtrack had to be removed by the publishers, the compilation […]

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Our Favourite Bakery in Samoëns

So bearing this in mind, we would like to recommend to all our guests who spend any time at all in Samoëns to make sure that they put aside some of that time to pop in to one of our favourite gems in the village: Tiffanie Bakery. With its rather eccentric and quirky exterior – […]

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Avalanche Transceiver Training in the Spanish Pyrenees

Getting Ready for your Ski Tour

What Does Skinning Mean? No, we are not talking about skinning animals here although, as the name indicates, the originals where indeed animal hides whose natural characteristics have now been copied with more modern materials. Skinning in the context of ski touring is the action of sliding or shuffling your skis uphill and getting grip […]

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A Taste of Ski Touring in Samoëns

A Teaser of the Ski Tour Experience in Samoëns At just over an hour by car from Geneva Airport, Samoëns is very easy to reach, making it a great destination for a short trip with friends or with the family. From the village, situated on the floor of the Giffre Valley, the views of the […]

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Adventure Holidays for All Ages in Summer

If your family is looking for some summer fun, here are just a few ideas we offer on our family adventure holidays. But remember, it doesn’t stop there! Active Summer Adventures All Over the World Depending on whether you want to commit to long haul travel or are looking for family adventure holidays a little […]

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Canada – A World of Possibilities for Activity Holidays

Whether you’re looking to work on existing skills or gain some brand new ones, Canada opens up an entire world of possibilities. Here are just a few experiences you might want to consider on the itinerary of your activity holidays. Soak Up the Culture and Nature of Vancouver If you’re bringing your family, Canada couldn’t […]

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Discover the Dolomites

It’s a fantastic place for family adventure holidays, mainly because the stunning mountains open up a world of possibilities in terms of active pursuits. As well as skiing, cycling, water sports and hiking, Via Ferrata is an activity that offers a unique way to explore the region, even for those with little experience. The Iron […]

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