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Amazing Holidays Nordic & Cross Country Skiing Holidays

Nordic & Cross Country Skiing | Langlauf and Ski de Fond

If you are looking for a high calibre cardio work out that also builds up muscle strength and burns unwanted calories, then Nordic or Cross country skiing is the perfect solution and features across almost all of our winter destinations.

It can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities and opens up parts of the mountain that are not normally accessible to those on foot. Many resorts have dedicated and well-groomed courses that vary in gradient and distance with most running through the quieter, more picturesque parts of the mountain.

The equipment is readily available from most sport rental shops; comfortable, light and easy to transport. For complete beginners a quick lesson will very quickly provide you with the basic techniques that will enable to go it alone. As you improve, the options become even more exciting with more adventurous trips available.


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