Adventurous Activity Holidays for Families

Kayaking with whales to working on a dude ranch

Amazing Holidays Adventurous Activity Holidays for Families

Kayaking with whales to working on a dude ranch

At Summit and Blue, we know you’re never too young to become an adventurer. Once children have grown out of the kids clubs and toddler ski schools, it’s the ideal time to set them on course for the challenges and achievements our exciting, energetic family activity holidays provide. And because we can create a bespoke, carefully crafted itinerary with every member of your family in mind, we’ll make sure it’s an adventure of a lifetime, whether they’re looking to conquer a mountain or just a mogul.

A young attention span can be very limited, so we’re proud of just how much our activity holidays for families can jam-pack in. And, while it’s important to keep the younger members of the family entertained, we make sure your itinerary will cater for the parents and older children as well. In fact, even when you bring the grandparents for a truly inclusive family holiday, we’ll make sure everyone’s entertained.

We design unique carefully crafted itineraries for family activity holidays that offer diversity and the ability to provide older children some freedom and independence, while exposing them to exciting new activities under the watchful eyes of trained local instructors and guides. This also affords parents the opportunity to focus on their own bucket-list adventures without a care the world. (Even if that adventure involves nothing more strenuous than a yoga, spa and wellness experience!)

At the end of an action-packed day, the joy of coming together as a family over the evening meal, sharing the stories of each other’s experiences and euphoric achievements is priceless.

Don’t just take the family on a holiday, introduce them to the edge of adventure.


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We can tailor our ocean focused family activity holidays to suit children and adults of all ages and abilities. Our carefully selected suppliers maintain a strict adherence to safety standards and we only work with qualified local instructors and guides, This means that even if you’re off on your own challenge, you can be assured the younger children are well taken care of – and having fun!

Whether your tribe wants to take on sea kayaking with Orcas in Canada or stand up paddle boarding in Antigua, our range of destinations across the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Caribbean Sea can literally serve up something for everyone.

You can choose from activities like surfing, body boarding, sailing, sea kayaking, kite surfing, fishing, stand up paddle boarding, wildlife boat trips, swimming, windsurfing and any other way you want to get out on (or in) the water. If everyone is at different levels, we’ll ensure that each individual is exposed to just the right amount of adventure and adrenaline, under controlled conditions.

For those who love to explore the world under their own steam, Summit and Blue’s family activity holidays take in a host of destinations ripe for adventure – from the raw, immense wilderness of North America, to the spectacular frozen terrain of Norway, to the shy, delicate beauty of the Dolomites, in Italy.

Regardless of the season, our carefully chosen destinations offer up a veritable smorgasbord of action-packed activities on land, suited to all ages and abilities. On short walks or day-long hikes you can explore cool forests, towering rock cathedrals and the dramatic pioneering trail of the Via Ferata. You can cycle through mountain passes in Italy, down high-octane vertical descents on an enduro-circuit in France, or take part in a cycle camp in Portugal.

In the USA, the entire gropup can play cowboy, with a fun-filled experience herding cattle on a real-life dude ranch; or, if you prefer your adventures a little chillier, you can play explorers by taking on the challenge of ski touring in the Arctic Circle.

The possibilities on our land-based activity holidays for families are only limited by your sense of adventure and what’s available in each destination. But if you can dream it, we can make it happen.

Our family activity holidays can take you on a journey through the most spectacular and awe-inspiring landscapes in the world. The majestic peaks and crags of the Canadian Rockies, the vast winter wilderness of North America, the jagged silhouettes of the Dolomites in Italy, and the icy wilderness of the Lyngen Alps in Norway, harbour myriad opportunities for families to get involved in the most exciting active pursuits together.

These mountainous destinations are the perfect place to not only expose young travellers to their unique high altitude culture, but also to see, do and try new things around every corner. Mountain biking, skiing, ski touring, white water rafting and hiking can all be undertaken at the appropriate level and with the utmost attention to safety.

Even if you are all at different levels, our inclusive itineraries ensure that everyone ends the day with a sense of fun, achievement and a job well done.

The mountains are also one of the best places to experience sightings of the native fauna, which is always a favourite experience for the younger members on family activity holidays. You can encounter a new world of wildlife, including everything from the less-exotic friendly cattle of North America to whales, grizzly bears and cougars in Canada, and wolves and polar bears in Norway.


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