Norwegian Arctic Experience

Lyngen Experience Lodge

Located high up in Norway’s Arctic Circle, Lyngen Experience Lodge is a newly built boutique hotel just 35 meters from the fjord. With just 9 rooms, a bar and restaurant this is the perfect destination for both couples and families.

In the winter you can enjoy dog sledding, ice fishing, snow shoeing, cross country skiing and of course the Northern Lights. In summer there’s great hiking, fishing, water-skiing and whale watching.

A small spa with sauna is available on site as is an outdoor hot tub and fire pit, particularly impressive with a breathtaking sunset as a backdrop!

Things to do at Lyngen Experience Lodge, Norway

Dog sledding – this 6 hr experience including 2 ½ hrs driving your own team of dogs is one of the most popular experiences for first time visitors to the Arctic. A guide will help you manage the dogs and teach you how to drive the sled across a variety of terrains.

Reindeer Sled – on this reindeer sledding trip, you will learn more about the Sami’s lifestyle, the nomadic herdsman who have travelled across the Arctic from Russia to Norway for centuries. You will get a better understanding of the Arctic tundra, while enjoying spectacular views of the Lyngen Alps where mountains literally run into the sea. Learn how to lasso and then relax and listen to Sami’s history and Joik.

Snowmobiling – set off on a snowmobile safari. Follow gentle flat snowmobile-trails up into the mountains to help get familiar with the machines before tackling more challenging terrain. During the trip, you will stop at several scenic viewpoints and enjoy time simply absorbing the serenity of the Arctic landscape.

Whale watching – you will start from Nord-Lenangen in the lodge’s own Targa to look for the whales. A good relationship with local fishermen will help locate their last position and the speed of the Targa will help cover ground quickly. It may be towards Tromsø and Kvalsundet or towards Skjervøy and Kågsundet you just never know but one thing is sure is the scenery will be impressive.

Northern Lights – the lodge is in the perfect location to allow you to enjoy a spectacular Northern Lights show. The lodge will send guides out to find them whilst you enjoy another drink but when the call comes in you will need to move fast!

Unique midnight sun experience – Enjoy the spectacular phenomena of the midnight sun from mid-May to the end of July when the sun never sets below the horizon. Visit one of five recommended sites to view this amazing natural experience including Lyngstuva by the Lyngenfjord, World War II bunkers at Falsnes in Storfjord, Spåkenes, Engnes in Skjervøy and Årviksand on the island of Arnøya.

Watersports – Try water skiing or driving a jet ski and afterwards enjoy the warmth of a crackling fire on the shore. If you’re really brave take a swim!

Useful information

Closest airport: Tromsø Airport

Currency: Norwegian Krone

Temperature range: -5 to + 20 degrees (although the chill factor can make it much colder!)

Did you know? Norway gets 98-99% of its electricity from hydroelectric power, more than any other country.

At a glance

  • The perfect venue for your first Arctic experience
  • Numerous summer and winter activities including dog sledding, Northern Lights safaris and whale
  • Direct flights from London to Tromsø
  • Great location for a family reunion or family celebration
  • Hotel rooms and self catering apartments available
  • A hot tub with probably the best view in the Arctic
  • Run by the owner, Reidun, always on hand to help lead and arrange activities
  • Perect stop off for those looking to also include a Hurtigruten cruise