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Camp Kiattua

Camp Kiattua, as featured by Tom Robbins in the Financial Times, is located in Nuuk Fjord, a 160km long fjord in south western Greenland and not far from the island’s capital city Nuuk. The word Kiattua is the Inuit word for warm place and was for decades a popular summer camp from which locals hunted and foraged for summer plants.

The tents at Camp Kiattua are huge with ample space to stand. It comes with 2 single beds or 1 double bed, small table with chairs and a cozy stove. Each tent has its own private eco-toilet and hot shower close by.

Despite its secludedness the camp offers modern amenities and facilities including a sauna and hot tub from which you can, in late summer, watch the Northern Lights. A dedicated chef will prepare fresh, locally inspired, food for each meal in the relaxing shared facilities giving the necessary foundations for adventures.

At a glance

  • A bespoke camp with all the amenities necessary for a comfortable stay
  • Hot tub and sauna overlooking the icebergs in Nuuk Fjord
  • A base from which to experience an exciting range of activities many practiced for centuries
  • A fantastic opportunity to further understand the life of a Greenlander
  • See first hand the pressures of a changing climate on the world’s second largest polar ice cap
  • A truly authentic and unique experience in pure Greenlandic wilderness
  • Watch icebergs and loose yourself in the serenity of absolute peace and quiet
  • Take the opportunity to add additional adventures to your Greenland and Iceland experience
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