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When was the last time you did something for the first time? When were you last spontaneous? Or spent time doing what you want to do and not what you should do?

Today, life is increasingly busy. Technology keeps us in touch with far-away family and friends but also with colleagues and clients. A service economy and a global market mean 9 to 5 is often 5 to 9. Two parents, two incomes, too little time.

So we settle for simple. The usual. The faultless. We deny our desires, let people and opportunities pass. We see life from a single point of view. We become slaves to routine. Life is one big rehearsal. At school we prepare for university. At university we prepare for work. At work we prepare for promotion. And promotion prepares us for, well, nothing. The higher up the corporate ladder we travel the further we are from our base desires.

Even holidays conform to the norm. We buy into society’s idea of fun. We return faithfully to familiar lands and second homes. We follow the crowd. We accept school holiday premiums.

Yet our dreams don’t change. We still crave more time. Quality time. Time for family. Moments with mates. And we seek new and life-enhancing experiences with them. In short, we want life to mean something.

Summit & Blue is more than an adventure travel company. It’s an opportunity to add extraordinary experiences to our ordinary lives.

From the moment you meet, Summit & Blue centre everything around you. We’ll ask what you want to do and where you’d like to go. Then manage everything. No request is ever too big or too much trouble. We can take you to new places and show you a new side to familiar places. We can scale any itinerary. From a holiday with adventures to an adventure holiday off the beaten track.

Richard and his team can travel with you. Their expertise and inside knowledge placed at your disposal. Following a guide is so much more rewarding than following a guide book.

Best of all, Summit & Blue will help you look at a holiday and your life differently. No matter how far your personal comfort zone extends, the sense of achievement that comes from stepping beyond it lasts a lifetime.

From witnessing the aurora in the Arctic Circle and the unique sensation of surfing to gazing at a grizzly bear as he gazes at you. Vast landscapes and UNESCO heritage sites. Mountain biking or cross-country skiing. Activities, places and people. We’ll stretch you, change you, put life into your travel. And travel into your life.

Summit & Blue. Travel, for life.






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