About Us

Summit & Blue is more than an adventure travel company. It’s an opportunity to add extraordinary experiences to our valuable time.

From the moment you meet, Summit & Blue centre everything around you. We’ll ask what you want to do and where you’d like to go. Then manage everything. No request is ever too big or too much trouble. We can take you to new places and show you a new side to familiar places. We can scale any itinerary. From a holiday with adventures to an adventure holiday off the beaten track.

Richard and his team can travel with you. Their expertise and inside knowledge placed at your disposal. Following a guide is so much more rewarding than following a guide book.

Best of all, Summit & Blue will help you look at a holiday and your life differently. No matter how far your personal comfort zone extends, the sense of achievement that comes from stepping beyond it lasts a lifetime.

From witnessing the aurora in the Arctic Circle and the unique sensation of surfing to gazing at a grizzly bear as he gazes at you. Vast landscapes and UNESCO heritage sites. Mountain biking or cross-country skiing. Activities, places and people. We’ll stretch you, change you, put life into your travel. And travel into your life.

Summit & Blue. Travel, for life.

Who We Are

Richard Edwards

It was inevitable that Richard would end up in travel having spent his first twenty years submerged in an eclectic mix of cultures in Africa, Mauritius, India, USA, Canada and much of Europe. During this time a passion for the natural world, heightened on many occasions by extraordinary experiences such as surfing with a small pod of dolphins in California, tracking desert elephants in the Namibian bush and watching Musk Ox in Greenland, helped develop the foundations for Summit & Blue.

After an environmental degree he embarked on a numerous worldwide adventures that helped developed an even stronger understanding of how different cultures interact in harmony with their local environments and the merit of changing our own perspectives and horizons to help protect this precious resource.

In 2014 Summit & Blue was founded with the expert help of Simon Clarke, former Finance Director at Scott Dunn, to create a range of bespoke activity based holidays and adventures using activities such as hiking, kayaking, ski touring, dog sledding and cycling to help introduce or reconnect guests with the wonders of the natural world and help evoke positive changes that not only made an impact on the individual but also their family and friends.

Simon Clarke

Although Simon trained as a Chartered Accountant, travel and adventure has always been his passion. He sailed around the world in 1992-93 stopping in Brazil, Australia and South Africa before embarking on a long career at Scott Dunn Travel. Here he helped develop holidays around the world and perfected how to make memorable experiences for thousands of guests. Whenever possible he jumped on a plane and enjoyed a diversity of places around the world – from the monasteries of Bhutan to the souks of Marrakech, from the glacier lakes of Chile to the beaches of Thailand.

Nowadays his love of mountain biking still takes him to places off the beaten track with the Dolomites and Alps being perfect destinations for inspiring short trips. For longer trips he’s happiest when his family are trying new activities in fantastic surroundings. Vancouver Island is high on his list at the moment as it’s the perfect destination to get really close to wildlife is some spectacular scenery.

When not travelling, Simon uses his extensive travel industry knowledge to make sure others can have equally amazing holidays. For him Summit and Blue is the perfect way to let others experience some truly exceptional holidays.

A few of our favourite adventures